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About Franklyn Guitars

Created out of a desire to make the very quality instruments that I'd want to play.  The guitars are both familiar and with updated features to more traditional guitars that in turn makes them stand out.

All models are handcrafted in my Hampshire workshop out of woods sourced from specialist luthier suppliers that both look good and are up to the quality needed for your next guitar.

My latest projects

Every guitar is built to order and therefore customisable to your needs and preferences.  Whether that's specific hardware or pickups, a particular timbe, a finish you would just love to see, reverse headstock, or even a different shape to the stock models the chances are these can be accommodated.

Use the contact link to start a conversation and see if we can work together, no pressure or commitment while we work out what you want.

Why the name Franklyn Guitars?


My name in online circles is Chris Franklyn, chosen because my real surname (Andrews) wasn't available to register on a lot of websites.  I'd changed the spelling of Franklin to have a y at first as a mistake, but I grew to love it.


Why the shorter name FKLN?

I wanted something distinct and different to the usual "spaghetti" signatures that adorn a lot of guitar headstocks.  So when I abreviated it to FKLN to fit inside a circle I thought it looked modern and some people have said edgy.  Which is fine by me!

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