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Versatile ergonomic powerhouse


About Skybeam

Designed to be comfortable, balanced and with superior upper fret access via extra 10mm reach into the horns and a beautiful ergonomic heel to body transition you won't even know there's a join.

The bevel follows the shape of the guitar for comfort no matter what height or angle you hold the guitar.

Available with various pickup configurations to suit the music YOU want to play and switching options to acess the tones you need.

The neck is a multi-piece design for strength and features a headstock with a 10 degree tilt, enough to give that extra string tension you need.

The finishes available are limited by your desires, whether you want an oil and wax finish to show off the body wood you've chosen.  Or perhaps you'd prefer a painted look in a solid colour, sparkles or metallic.


For pickups I'd recommend Alchemy Hartshorn for modern humbucker tones, Full Montys from Monty's guitars for an warmer hot PAF sound.  In the single P90 configuration the Bare Knuckle True Grit wants to bite your hand off.  But of course, the choice is yours - let me know your favourite brand and model.


The hardware configuration I'd recommend would be Gotoh SG381 Magnum locking machine heads for their quality and lower post height (more string tension). At the other end the Hipshot Fixed Bridge is a solid choice, smooth to set and and importantly comfortable for resting your palm.

CTS Pots with orange drop capacitors, Pure Tone output jack and a Corian nut round things off nicely.

But all things are negotiable!

Check the in stock page for configurations ready to go.

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