Videos & Demos

There are few greater moments than seeing the guitars you've created in the hands of talented musicians and how better to showcase them.  I'll catelogue a list of Franklyn Guitars appearences here.

Jake Leigh Guitar

Charvel & Jackson Killer?

Jake Leigh just smashes it with this demo of the Skybeam Juno.  Demostrating it rocking out and with some awesome melodic tunes

Jake Leigh Guitar

Amazing Custom Superstrats

Jake shows some ferocious riffs on the Skybeam models and they all sound great

Adam @ Hop Pole Studios

Looks like a car, sounds like a guitar

Had a good laugh sitting down with Adam Steel at Hop Pole Studios to talk about the SkyBeam modesl

Mike @CGS

Franklyn Guitars - BBGFEST#3

Mike took the Skybeam 1 for a spin showing it off well and asked me some questions about myself and the future of Franklyn Guitars.

Leigh Fuge

Orange Guitars Sound Better

Had a great chat with Leigh about the Skybeams and their origins and some great demonstration of their sounds.